Time to end the “both sides” lie

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Political parties are human enterprises. Of course they’re flawed. Of course they’re going to have fringes. Pragmatists. Activists. They act as clearinghouses for good and bad ideas. Palatable and unpalatable leadership. I get it.

As a Democrat, I am painfully aware of the occasional bad policies that my party settles…

The most important part of the post-election circus is not Donald Trump

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To fully understand the incumbent’s refusal to accept the election results — that he lost to Joe Biden and his loss will be unequivocally confirmed after recanvasses and recounts conclude in the next week and a half — you must remember one very, very important detail: the incumbent, as it…

America, America…

Dear Trump Supporters,

Nothing I am going to say will change your mind. When you go to vote, most of which will do so on November 3rd, you will cast your ballot to re-hire the 45th President of the United States.

You’ll probably dismiss my words as a disgruntled liberal…

Defending liberalism against anti-liberal threats

The late John Lewis (1940–2020). Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

“Liberal is such a beautiful word,” quipped my summer school professor. It was the middle of 2005, during a time that would inexplicably directly shape the next 15 years of my life, and we were discussing a short story that I may or may not have read. …

One thing that irks me is the common refrain of “Why don’t you protest like this over black-on-black crime?” Or… “This black guy was unjustly shot… I thought that all black lives matter?”

This. Is. Gaslighting.

Today’s lesson will be the difference between civilian-on-civilian homicide and government-on-civilian homicide.

A homicide…

“Why don’t blacks get in uproar over black-on-black crime?” is a stupid question. But I’m going to give it a legitimate answer.

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As a black person — and I say this because I have to unfortunately do so because we are unable to have rational discourse on the Internet — few things irk me more than seeing the following comment:

“Well, why don’t blacks get in uproar over black-on-black crime?”

Well, I…


Somewhere between a classical liberal and a modern liberal.

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