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Upon news that Apple is going to allow Parler, the social media service that has developed a cult following from conservatives and other right-wingers trafficking false equivalencies, competitive victimhood, bullshit conspiracies, and grievances sympathetic to white supremacists, back into its App Store, I figured I would take a moment and offer a brief hint of commentary about the longstanding lie of the American brand of conservatism: morality.

A key selling point that conservatives offered in their rhetoric is that conservatism is this country’s true moral bulwark against the supposed immorality of liberal excess. You know: government spending, social welfare, equal…

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I’m not going to necessarily regurgitate the events of this unusual cold spell that’s besieged Texas with some of the worst temperatures in decades. I’m not going to go on a rant about ERCOT.

I’m going to discuss governing and culture.

Basic governing and the reality that culture sometimes ignores.

I love Texas. Texas is a major part of who I am as a man. I was born here, I live here, and for the most part, I make a pretty decent living here. …

Time to end the “both sides” lie

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Political parties are human enterprises. Of course they’re flawed. Of course they’re going to have fringes. Pragmatists. Activists. They act as clearinghouses for good and bad ideas. Palatable and unpalatable leadership. I get it.

As a Democrat, I am painfully aware of the occasional bad policies that my party settles for. Democrats have had often to settle for bad policies because they had to play ball to get Republican support (or at least believed it was good politics to…“settle”).

However, one thing has been annoying me for years now when it comes to how the two major political parties are…

The most important part of the post-election circus is not Donald Trump

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To fully understand the incumbent’s refusal to accept the election results — that he lost to Joe Biden and his loss will be unequivocally confirmed after recanvasses and recounts conclude in the next week and a half — you must remember one very, very important detail: the incumbent, as it has been for his entire wretched presidency, is the least important part of the story.

Keep in mind this analogy as I make my point: the ground must be fertile for the grass to grow.

For roughly the past 80 years, American conservatives have been bogged down by an inconvenient…

The Republican Party cannot be saved

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I remember the night of November 8, 2016. Just minutes after Trump was announced as the projected winner, I decided to go for a drive to quell my shock and anger at the result. Totally human emotions.

Then, consistently, I was fervent in my belief that Trump won the 2016 election legitimately; not because of Russia’s very real support of him, not because of very real voter suppression, but because (a) it is very hard for a political party to win three elections in a row (considering it’s only happened once since 1948) and (b) Midwestern states had been trending…

America, America…

Dear Trump Supporters,

Nothing I am going to say will change your mind. When you go to vote, most of which will do so on November 3rd, you will cast your ballot to re-hire the 45th President of the United States.

You’ll probably dismiss my words as a disgruntled liberal — after all, there’s probably not a single person that hates the Incumbent more than me.

(Just like a significant chunk of you hated Barack Obama, but I digress.)

However, this open letter is not about trying to make any sort of appeal to you. …

Defending liberalism against anti-liberal threats

The late John Lewis (1940–2020). Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

“Liberal is such a beautiful word,” quipped my summer school professor. It was the middle of 2005, during a time that would inexplicably directly shape the next 15 years of my life, and we were discussing a short story that I may or may not have read. I’m not sure what the conversation was exactly over; but for some reason her lament that “liberal” became an epithet over the previous three decades always stuck with me.

And I, too, ran away from the label. I’d say I was progressive. I’d say I was libertarian. In recent years, I’d say I…

One thing that irks me is the common refrain of “Why don’t you protest like this over black-on-black crime?” Or… “This black guy was unjustly shot… I thought that all black lives matter?”

This. Is. Gaslighting.

Today’s lesson will be the difference between civilian-on-civilian homicide and government-on-civilian homicide.

A homicide is a homicide right? Not even various state and local governments agree with that. In Texas, depending on the circumstances of the homicide, you could either be charged with capital murder, murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide.

If law enforcement is willing to recognize the differences in…

“Why don’t blacks get in uproar over black-on-black crime?” is a stupid question. But I’m going to give it a legitimate answer.

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As a black person — and I say this because I have to unfortunately do so because we are unable to have rational discourse on the Internet — few things irk me more than seeing the following comment:

“Well, why don’t blacks get in uproar over black-on-black crime?”

Well, I am going to answer that for you.

I’ve seen this from conservatives and even black writers that try to take a contrarian-yet-perspective tone in matters of uproar and unrest when someone black dies while being detained by usually white law enforcement officials. …

It’s time to stop lying about it

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For what its worth, Barry Goldwater was a classical liberal. He did not like big government, cared about individual rights and civil liberties, and was a staunch defender of free enterprise. He was your typical Old Right Republican that developed his worldview as a reaction against communism and New Deal social democracy — the latter of which put him at odds with Dwight Eisenhower during the 1950s.

Despite the fact that he was painted as an extremist in the 1964 presidential election, Goldwater’s classically liberal brand of conservatism was not too far out of step with most of the Republican…


Somewhere between a classical liberal and a modern liberal.

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